Towson at NCA


Five Towson Cheerleaders Attend NCA Staff Camp

Towson cheer is delighted to announce that five of our staff, Jayla P., Santina D., Haley W., Arielle J. & Taylor B., have been selected as Staff Instructors by the distinguished National Cheerleading Association (NCA).  It is an admirable feat for any cheer program to host a single NCA accredited staff member, let alone five selectees in a single year.  This represents an unusually high selection rate for a single team and it reflects Towson's high-quality cheer program.
Becoming an NCA accredited staff instructor is a rigorous and selective process, particularly in the competitive region which includes Towson University.  After applying and being selected, Staff Instructor candidates undergo a demanding week-long proving course at the NCA regional training facility.  Candidates who successfully complete the course return to their collegiate programs as accredited NCA Staff Instructors.  Returning Staff Instructors carry with them the recognition of being among the ranks of the Nation's most elite cheer instructors.
Towson Athletics is proud of the newly minted NCA Staff Instructors and we are excited to add their professional experience to the sidelines for the 2018-2019 cheer season!

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